About Us

good is an interactive, welcoming and fun environment where you can find out more about local charities and social enterprises.

In partnership with Landsec and Buchanan Galleries, good is run by Kibble – one of Scotland’s oldest charities working with children and young people.

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good stories

Everyone likes a good story. From those family members with the seemingly innate skill of injecting life into a party through a well told anecdote, to the easy Scots charm of Iain Banks’ fiction. Whether it’s the Big Yin’s fanciful yet all too real tales of comedy found in the mundane, or the easily accessible drama of River City, a good story brings us together.

We want you to tell your story.

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What's Happening

Have a look at our calendar to see which of our monthly themes best fits with your organisation.

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Get Involved

Volunteer with good or promote your organisation with us and support young people in Scotland.

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